UniFi WAN and client usage report.

Report on WAN transfer volumes and individual user activity over time

Our UniFi WAN and client usage reporting tool is ideal for generating reports on client activity and WAN traffic volume across one or more WAN interfaces of your UniFi gateway within a specified date range.

The tool offers an interactive web interface and allows you to sort and filter the results as needed.

Quick and easy reporting capabilities across multiple UniFi sites: the tool offers the ability to configure multiple UniFi controllers or UniFi OS Consoles and generate reports for any of the available sites. The results can also be exported to Excel.

Multi-site support

This the dropdown menu that shows all available sites after having selected a UniFi controller:

Select a UniFi site.

Total connection times

Looking for detailed total connection times of the clients? That’s a configurable option:

Report showing user durations and download/upload volumes.



  • A web server with PHP (7.2.5 or higher) and the php-curl module installed.

  • This reporting tool has been tested on Apache 2.4 with PHP versions 7.2, 7.4, 8.1 and cURL versions 7.42.1, 7.58.0.

Network connectivity

  • Network connectivity is required between the webserver where this reporting tool is installed and the UniFi OS Console, or UniFi controller.

  • The controller(s) must be reachable for this reporting tool through port 8443 or 443 for UniFi OS Consoles.

UniFi controller

  • Software-based controllers and UniFi OS devices such as CloudKeys, UDMs, and UDM PROs are supported.

  • Controller versions 5.X.X, 6.X.X, and 7.X.X are supported, version 7.2.95 has been confirmed to work.

Purchase a license

  • The one-time cost for a single license is € 70,00 (excluding VAT/Sales Tax). This includes access to updates for 12 months.

  • The actual VAT/Sales Tax is calculated upon checkout.

  • EU-based companies can enter their VAT number for 0% VAT.

  • Paddle, our billing partner, supports multiple payment methods depending on your country.

€ 60,00