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Bulk processing of UniFi device updates

We developed this custom solution for a client who manages a large number of UniFi sites where there is a constant high volume of new devices that need to be adopted, named and assigned to sites based on their scanned MAC address. Performing these tasks manually was time-consuming and error-prone.

Their requirement was the ability to perform these tasks in a consistent and automated fashion based on an Excel sheet which only contains a list of new devices with their MAC address, their new name and the site they need to be assigned to.

This resulted in what we named the UniFi “Bulk processing tool” and it does exactly what the client requested, and a bit more…

Benefits achieved

• higher accuracy, saving time to analyse and fix issues
• network operators can spend time on higher-value tasks

Here's a screenshot of the instructions:

Device bulk renaming instructions.
Tool dropdown menu, full length.

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