Captive Portal Solutions

We offer a range of WiFi captive portal solutions for UniFi networks that cater to the needs of different industries and deployment scenarios.

Below is a brief overview of each option.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you need help choosing the right solution for your business.

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Captive Portal options

Captive Portal Software

Our captive portal software is specifically designed for UniFi networks and can be deployed on-premise.

It offers seamless integration with UniFi hardware, allowing you to easily create and manage captive portals.

With this solution, you can customize the look and feel of your captive portal to match your branding and capture valuable guest data.

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Captive Portal as a Service

Our captive portal software is also available as a service, which means that you don't need to worry about the technical details of deployment and maintenance.

Our team handles everything from SSL certificates, backups, to operating system and software updates, providing you a hassle-free solution that you can rely on.

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Captive Portal for Paid Access

When you wish to sell vouchers for WiFi access through the captive portal, this solution provides a secure and efficient way to accept credit card payments using Stripe's tokenized payment platform.

The solution helps reduce risk and PCI compliance efforts and costs by preventing your UniFi controller and the captive portal server from touching sensitive card and cardholder data. The solution also offer a self-service portal for the users where they can manage access for their devices and keep their payment details up to date.

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Captive Portal for Hotels

For hotels, we offer an additional module that integrates our captive portal software with popular Property Management Systems (PMS).

This module allows you to automate guest authentication for WiFi access based on their last name and room number, and capture valuable visitor data that can be used for personalized marketing.

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Custom Captive Portals

If you have unique requirements that are not met by our standard solutions, we can build a custom captive portal solution for you.

In most cases we use our mainstream solution as a starting point and then tailor it to your specific needs. This way, you get a solution that is perfectly suited to your specific business needs.

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What our customers are saying

As an owner of a newly installed personal network at home, I had difficulty navigating the array of UniFi devices I had installed to ensure they were properly configured. Erik at Art of Wifi not only solved what appeared to be a fatal problem in the network using his extensive experience, knowledge, and problem-solving skills, but he ensured that the system was set optimally and that the system was delivering to me the best that the network devices could provide. He also provided me with some coaching on how I could make the right improvement tweaks if I found I needed them. All this was done in a rapid, efficient, and cost-effective way, and completely remotely. Art of WiFi is clearly able to service a broad range of clients, including owners of multi-device home networks.

Ian Lockley