Captive Portal for Paid Access

For UniFi sites that wish to offer paid access, we offer a captive portal solution that integrates with Stripe to accept credit card payments.

The solution leverages Stripe's tokenized payments integration to ensure your UniFi controller and our captive portal solution never touch sensitive card and cardholder data. This reduces PCI compliance requirements resulting in lower costs and risk.

If you’re interested in learning more about this Captive Portal solution, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We’re here to help you boost your guest engagement and streamline your guest WiFi onboarding.

Captive portal with Stripe support.

Our captive portal with Stripe integration is in use across a growing number of clients in various environments, such as marinas, RV parks, campsites, and student housing projects.

It offers the following features:

  • Leverages Stripe’s tokenized payments using their Elements platform for reduced PCI compliance requirements (SAQ A in most cases; please verify with Stripe).

  • Full support for the current Strong customer authentication (SCA) compliance requirements that are used for VISA 3-D Secure and many other credit card brands.

  • Multiple voucher packages can be created for each site, each with their own values for:

    • max. device count

    • duration

    • cost and currency

    • upload and download speed limits

  • The ability to create free trial vouchers with controls to limit the number of free trials a guest can use within a given timeframe.

  • An optional self-service dashboard for guests, allowing them to:

    • manage their active devices

    • manually add/remove devices which is useful when dealing with devices that are unable to access a captive portal (TVs, game consoles, etc.)

    • enable/disable optional recurring payments

    • update their card details

  • Guests can also use voucher codes that are created through the UniFi Hotspot Manager; both single-device and multi-device UniFi vouchers are supported.

  • Supports multiple sites on multiple UniFi controllers from a single installation.

  • Each captive portal site can be connected to its own Stripe account.

  • A web-based backend to manage:

    • captive portal settings per site

    • captive portal styling (logo, background, colours, text strings, etc.) per site

    • captive portal Terms of Service per site

    • UniFi controller integration per site

    • the data retention period per site

    • admin accounts and assigning them to one or more sites

    • the theme used for the management back-end as well as the logo


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